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You may have noticed a nice new sidebar on the left there. It’s got some picture of a well-dressed lady or chap, and will continue to do so as I find fashionably dressed people around the world. Below, you can see all the Street Styles photos in slide-show mode, as well as an image list […]

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A private ‘tour’ of a secret Berlin location…        Photos:

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Before I start this post, I should point out that my travel friend, Alican, and I, are not the best with preparation. I will back this up by mentioning that my previous post has been updated with a little story that I forgot to mention: missing the last bus and trains back from Monaco to […]

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Day One: Nice. Yep, it’s official. For the next few weeks, I will not be able to say or hear the word ‘nice’ without making some pun about the city with a similarly spelled name, located in the French Riviera. As the first stop on our mini-Europe trip, a friend, Alican, and I, flew into […]

I may be currently living in Germany, a country renown around the world for its beer (both in consumption and quantity), but in my humble opinion, no one does it better than the Belgians. Earlier this month, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of visiting the capital the European Union- Brussels- and, well, lets […]

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In Vancouver, winter is just 6 months of rain. We might get a week of snow somewhere in there- two if we’re really lucky- but not much more. Berlin is a different animal altogether. At 53 degrees north, it’s about the same  latitude as Edmonton in Canada, and although it may not reach the same […]

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The Blanche MacDonald annual graduate’s fashion show put on last week was as perfectly constructed and woven together as the pieces of fabric each new designer used to create their final looks. It was professional, it was fabulous, and it was every bit the timeless, chic Blanche MacDonald style we’ve all come to expect. Located […]

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Hot on the heels of our trip to Marburg, and the university that the Brothers Grimm studied at, we decided to take a spooky tour of the graveyard they are buried in. In Berlin, where their gravesite is, it gets dark quite early- so our tour quickly went from early-evening walk, to spooky nighttime stroll through […]

About a month ago I had the pleasure of being invited to ESMOD’s graduation event for their Masters in Sustainable Fashion class. Students were tasked with creating innovating and elegant solutions to the myriad of unsustainable practices that the fashion world takes part in. Students went as far as to actually work with businesses, and […]

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And now for something completely different: Jeans. Raw denim, to be specific. A worn pair of Pure Blue Japan xx-007 blue-weft slubby-denim jeans. Size 30. Why post a photo set of jeans, you ask? Well, apart from them technically being ‘fashion’, there is actually a surprisingly large culture of ‘denim-heads’. These people buy raw (dark, […]