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Review: Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2011
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With the return of spring, comes fashion shows and the new lines for fall/winter 2011. Showing off the latest in green-fashion for its second time around, Eco Fashion Week was a huge success, turning last fall’s alreadyalt amazing event into an even bigger one. Held once again at the brand-new Olympic Village, EFW was this time moved to the Salt building, a considerably larger and more spacious area, allowing for more mix-and-mingle room, and of course, a bigger bar.

Despite missing the opening, which I heard was a blast with an amazing musical group, I made it to the first night in time to catch a few shows, many featuring very wearable fashions, with a heavy use of layering and accented figures through artful folding. One that caught my eye was Kdon by Kim Cathers.

The line, named ‘Suture’, literally meaning ‘to join’,
showcased dark and foreboding designs and shades, contrasting them against light fabrics and classically reserved shapes. Shades tended towards the velvety black, with a couple pieces brighter shades in tan and altoff-white to bring some variance and contrast to the runway.

In order to maintain the concept of dark and light, as well as to give additional depth to the already complex and intricate designs she was showcasing, Cathers had all of the models wearing black tights with one leg done in a bleached-out lighter style which stood out nicely against the opposing leg. Each pair of tights was treated individually, ensuring that there were no similarities in the patterns amongst the pairs, and that the individuality of the piece shines through. This was even echoed on the reversed arms of one piece, giving a fantastically disjointed feeling of internal struggle and division.

Thursday night, the second night of Eco Fashion Week (or third, depending on how you count), included the only show that required an R.S.V.P. via email to get a seat. Fortunately, yours truly was kindly awarded one by the fantastic EFW staff and thus ended front-row center at the night’s most talked-about runway show: Nicole Bridger.

Bridger’s lines have gained popularity due to their high-end style and appeal, and have flourished at EFW because of their eco sense. Using safe and renewable resources such as organic cotton and wool, hemp, and linen, Bridger brings life to the runway altin her own unique style.

The collection made heavy use of draping effects, especially down from the shoulders. The same draping necklines we’ve seen in her past collections made a comeback, as well as her artful use of fabrics and textures. One running theme through the collection was the lack of the belt buckle, with Bridger opting instead for fabric and leather ties to fasten around the waist, giving good separation and a nice accent to many pieces. A wonderful piece that came out used a darker tone of 2011’s honeysuckle hue, tied with a brown belt around the midriff, to complement the figure. Others featured double-breasted style jackets and overcoats left hanging open to hang down from the shoulders, creating nice vertical lines and a beautiful asymmetry to the figure.

Friday night brought the conclusion of Eco Fashion Week, and despite starting off a bit… cold… as we stood outside for the doors to open, the Prophetik Fall/Winter 2011 line was certainly worth the wait. Ever-enchanted by the days of yore, Prophetik’s Jeff Garner chose to take this season’s inspiration from the court of Louis XV, in mid-18th century France. Of course, Garner is no stranger to the styles and techniques of classic fashion statements, as his previous lines have always tended towards the antiquated and elegant. At the last Vancouver Eco altFashion Week we saw him showing beautiful lines inspired by his Southern Tennessee heritage, this season saw gorgeous fabrics blended against each other in mesmerizing arrays of patterns and textures showing off classic French fashion from the 1700s.

A beautiful wedding gown with a blue pattern accent just down the front opened the show, floating ever so slightly to give an angelic effect. To close, Garner chose a beautifully patterned gown with accent buttoning, a red chest and satin over-jacket. A fantastic piece to close an amazing show.

The after party at Bar None was great, although some of the younger crowd couldn’t get in, those of us old enough to sport an ID broke it down on the dance floor and had a great night.
All in all, this rendition of Eco Fashion Week was another huge success. I personally cannot wait till the next incarnation in September- I’m already starting to pick out my clothes!

Stay tuned for more fashion show reviews from this season!


Photos taken from EFW Facebook page. Please click through to go to original album.

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