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Some juicy tidbits about Vancouver Eco Fashion Week S/S 2012
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Melita Lébo Ellis for Richards International Model Managment - EFW S/S 2012

Wow! I just talked to a little birdie and heard some AMAZING things about Vancouver’s home-brewed Eco Fashion Week, which is shaping up to be the hottest thing to explode (renewably!) onto the fashion scene this side of the wetcoast! Keep your ears tuned and your eyes here because yours truly will be giving an inside scoop on what’s to come!

Just as a teaser, EFW S/S 2012 is slated to be held in what is quite possibly the COOLEST venue in Vancouver (hint, you’ve NEVER seen a fashion show of the calibre there before!), is going to be bringing in some of the most world-renown Eco designers (as always), and will be even MORE sustainable than ever before!

Look out, fashion world, Myriam LaRoche and team have just cranked it up a notch, and oh BOY is it gonna sizzle!

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    1. Carling says:

      Oh I’m really excited it sounds like tons of fun can’t wait :)

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