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Glamorous & green: Vancouver Eco Fashion Week S/s 2012
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Coconut husk ‘red carpet’? Check. Jeff Garner of ProphetikRecycled lanyards? Check. Secondary venue for the runway, accessed through a back alleyway that’s so New York? Check, baby, check. Oh yes, this is definitely the Eco Fashion Week we all love, and it’s all grown up. Hosted this season in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012- only in its third season of production- has once again set the bar for fashion events in this, the capital of eco sensibility in North America.

It began…

The event started once again with an industry-only VIP night, mixing and mingling in the beautiful W2 Storyeum building. This was a chance for all of Vancouver’s fashion industry to play the catch-up game, reacquainting with those who we had not seen since the last fashion events, and meeting plenty of new friends. The room, which also later served as the main lobby during the following nights, was scattered with vendors that would be showing their pieces on the runway. Everyone from Adhesif to Opus Bikes had a booth, allowing  guests to peruse their various pieces both before and after the shows. This gave the event a decidedly more ‘industry’ feel than the previous two iterations, and this was no accident: it was in fact targeted towards buyers and designers, rather than the public- even going as far as to schedule dates so that buyers from around the world could attend.

When day two began, it was back to business, opening with a brilliant and informative seminar by WGSN trends expert Carly Stojsic, and moving swiftly to the first runway shows, the highlights of which are to follow:

Unlokk by Eason Wang:

A student of Vancouver’s own Blanche Macdonald Centre, Eason Wang showed some interesting pieces with a shanghai spin. His collection gave a primal feel with an eastern touch, and made use of a mostly subdued palette. Having his female models walk on the balls of their feet was a unique touch, the black tape adding to the illusion of invisible stilettos.

Nicole Bridger

The evening’s highlight, no doubt, the Nicole Bridger line was truly a show. Utilising a combination of dancers and models, her collection presented beautiful fabrics in muted tones, dancing and shifting with Nicole Bridgergraceful choreography. The yoga-esque movement brought life to the serene garments, and the dancers showed that her line can be worn by active people just as well as any others. The line was beautiful and peaceful, allowing Bridger to maintain her title as one of Vancouver’s leading eco friendly ready-to-wear designers.







Adhesif uses recycled clothes and materials, entirely reconstructed to create new designs and pieces. This season’s line used a combination of patterns that wasn’t overbearing and created a pleasant 1950s feel to it. Solid coloured clutches and bags were placed Adhesifnicely against the array of patterns, and created a very natural feel to the ensembles.

Pure Magnolia

This was a wedding line, which meant a lot of white, with dashes of lilac and purple when necessary. Wedding lines are interesting because they limit the designer in terms of colour, allowing them to play with flow, fabric, and texture, and Pure Magnolia did not disappoint. Intricate details added depth to the designs without going overboard.

Jeff Garner of Prophetik

Undoubtedly the most anticipated line of the event, Jeff Garner brought a season on 60s and 70s punk, crossed with Parisian courts of yore. Using leather accessories hand crafted by Vancouver-based Divina Denuevo, Jeff Garner upheld his reputation for beautiful colours, materials and designs. The show dropped in daisy-girl pretty pieces, and ended with an acid punk queen before the beautiful wedding gown that closed the night and the week with an eloquent sizzle.

Closing remarks

Vancouver is a city that is not necessarily known for its fashion… indeed, we have appeared on MSN Travel’s top 10 worst-dressed cities list (a point of contempt amongst many of the attendees last week…) But this may all change if Eco Fashion Week president Myriam Laroche has her way: currently on the fast-track to becoming the largest Eco Fashion event in North America, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week is poised to make a (positive) name for the city in the fashion world. So take off the Yoga pants, and replace them with something vintage, try to mix in some reused materials- such as from Adhesif’s line- or some rescued ones- such as from Divina DeNuevo. Ride a bike instead of driving, do something to take a step forward in being green. Because, after all, green is the new black, and it’s totally IN right now.

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