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Mid-season look at Vancouver’s Fashion Scene
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It’s about that time again… The glow of the Summer 2012 lines has begun to fade, and the incredible pieces you saw at Vancouver Fashion Week and Eco Fashion Week has finally drifted from your dreams. This is all to be replaced by the dread of winter, looking forward to bed by 10pm only to be jerked awake by some annoying alarm on your phone before it’s even light out yet, and to step out in the drab and grey morning, unable to gauge whether or not it will rain today. Sure, it may be February, and spring styles are just beginning to start  to trickle into the stores, but anything you’d like to wear on a sunny Vancouver day is still too thin to be practical, and lord knows that our pretty little city has been known to snow in April; so you will don your black, blue, or grey jacket if for no reason other than warmth.

Forget that. Instead of getting caught in the gloom of mid-February blues, I’ve decided to take a moment to look around at Vancouver’s fashion scene; back to the lines we saw walk last autumn, and forward to what we can expect this spring….

On the Runway…

Vancouver Fashion Week

Every season, for the last 10 years and counting, Vancouver Fashion Week has been the defacto authority on what’s about to be hot in our city, and last November was no different.

Featuring designers from around the world, and plenty from right here in Vancouver, VFW lived up to its well established name, showing some incredible and unique designers and pieces.

There was a definite clean-cut mixed with street style to many looks; highlighted above were three of my favourites. Orange was in strong demand this season, mixed in with darks to make it stand out, and so this summer you should consider ditching the iPhone for a different kind of fruit on your person.

Eco Fashion Week

Only in its second year, Eco Fashion Week is already making a huge splash in Vancouver’s identity. The city that prides itself on being a leader in green technology and eco-friendly innovation has another toy in its arsenal against waste, and damn does it dress well.

This season’s catwalk showed plenty of pastels, with Vancouver’s own Nicole Bridger and Adhesif lines making heavy use of the neutral and lighter tones. Adhesif also chose to foray into some more powerful colours, again dabbling in a bit of orange, ensuring that it’ll be scene in our local scene when the warmer days come.

Men’s Fashion Week

The newbie on the scene, and for its first iteration ever, Vancouver Men’s Fashion Week looked like a huge success. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the good fortune to land tickets for it this past season, however based on what we’ve seen from these photos, they are bringing some cool designers and amazing stuff to the table!

On the left we have an awesome mixture of orange an brown- not a combo that’s commonly come by, but boy does it look great here. Definitely something worth trying next time you’re feeling a bit bored of the classic blue and brown combo. Down the middle is a gentleman who has clearly dapper-ed up the winter sweater, taking a vintage look and throwing a sharp suit over it. The red leather gloves pull it all together by standing out enough that they look intentional, but not so much as to detract from the ensemble. Finally, on the right we have a decidedly more summer look- but since in Vancouver it’s never really summer, throw a nice bright heavy-knit scarf around your neck to keep warm. Three awesome looks, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next season!

On the Streets

I’ve been keeping my eye to a choice number of Vancouver fashion bloggers, and I think it’s high time they got a bit of attention here. These are a couple of my favourite shots, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this as we get into spring…


From left to right:


A good friend of mine runs this blog, and she always has some incredible stuff to show. One of the key bloggers in the city, with her finger on the fashion pulse, Ms. Kendra H always knows what’s up- and how to get into the trend without breaking the bank. Here we see some Vancouver-standard charcoal and grays, with a splash of colour up top- keep the drab out of the office by mixing some brights into your February style, and you’ll be ready when Spring hits.

Culture Serf

One of Vancouver’s few true street-style blogs (please, dear god, correct me if I’m wrong- I’ve looked long and hard for real street-style photographers for a while and have only come across a sparse few!), Melanie K has spent the last year-and-a-half capturing the true essence of Vancouver’s style, and it ain’t half bad! Here we see a good friend of mine’s mother wearing an incredible outfit, effortlessly wrapping a pale blue suit with a heavy black overcoat, keeping the cold chill out while still looking sharp and oh-so-stylish. The bright orange bag gives that little bit of pop that simultaneously stands out while bringing the whole ensemble together. Effortless and enigmatic, I say. Beautiful.


This young gentleman is a Vancouver-based designer and gathers inspiration on his tumblr, bringing together everything from his own self-shots, to snags from local and distant fashion shows. Typical of any tumblr, the content varies on a day-to-day basis, but you can always count on it being classy, cool, and stylish as hell. He tends towards the retro feel, which is echoed in our third photo, this one taken from New York Fashion Week. Powder blues, once again, and the easy mixture with pale grays make this an easy to work ensemble any time between February and May.

Where to be…

And now, at long last, my list of the places to BE this Spring, and where to go to check out the latest in Vancouver fashion. These are the shows where you can go to catch Fall/Winter 2012 styles. because hey, if the world ends in December like the Mayans say it will, I damn well want to go out looking sharp 😉

Vancouver Fashion Week 3/20 – 3/25

Make sure you’re in town and available between March 20th and 25th, because those are the days when Vancouver Fashion Week 2012 F/W will be in full swing. As mentioned above, VFW is one of Vancouver’s longest running fashion weeks, earning itself more and more prestige with each passing year- my only hope being that I get an invite again this season 😉

Eco Fashion Week 4/10 – 4/12

No underdog here, despite being only in its second year, Eco Fashion Week has shown the world that it has the chops to stand up with the big boys, with talks of joining the prestigious ranks of Mercedes Benz fashion week and others worldwide, EFW is making a distinct mark in the fashion world. Be there to catch the latest in eco-friendly trends, and see how ‘eco’ doesn’t have to mean ‘reused’ or ‘recycled’ (although that is great too); come check out how to look great, and feel good about it. EFW runs April 10th to 12th.

Re-Fashion Vancouver 4/21

Vancouver’s only spring cleaning fashion re-sale where you can sell the clothes you never wear and update your wardrobe at deep discounts. Part spring cleaning, part massive clothing sale, it’s the only event of its kind in Vancouver, and designed for condo-dwellers and fashionistas/os to be able to come together, make some cash and buy new clothes at deep discounts. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into some awesome savings and great new styles!

Nifty for Fifty Sale 4/22

Some of Vancouver’s most unique and well-known brands will be selling the wares at this once-a-year sale. Come check out Adhesif, Daub+Design, Kdon and many many more, all with items marked up to 90% off! Hit the link above for more details, and be sure to get there early to catch the best stuff!


Did we miss something? Hit us on Facebook and let us know of your blog/show/event and we’ll put it on this page!

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