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Photo set: Raw Denim Jeans After a Year
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And now for something completely different: Jeans.

Raw denim, to be specific. A worn pair of Pure Blue Japan xx-007 blue-weft slubby-denim jeans. Size 30.

Exported-Blog_bdqr-2Why post a photo set of jeans, you ask? Well, apart from them technically being ‘fashion’, there is actually a surprisingly large culture of ‘denim-heads’. These people buy raw (dark, untainted denim) jeans, and wear them until they have the same kind of fades (and often MUCH nicer) as those that Diesel tends to tote. The difference, of course, being that these fades are unique, and molded around the wearer’s body. They are often worn for months on end without washing, as washing will lessen the contrast of the fades. Jeans do not generally get too smelly though, so bacteria and odour is rarely an issue.

Exported-Blog_bdqr-6One of the two things that make raw denim jeans special is that they are often of a higher quality denim, where each piece is often made on its own shuttle loom, rather than being cut from a huge piece of denim. These kinds of jeans are called ‘selvedge’, and are identifiable by the white stripe that shows on the cuff. The other is the raw factor itself. These jeans are ‘untreated’- the denim is made, cut, and built. No distressing, and sometimes no ‘sanforizing’ wash that locks in the color and pre-shrinks them.

All these factors make raw denim quite an interesting culture to be involved in. I should know, I am one of these so-called ‘denim heads’, and these are my jeans.

About these jeans:

  • Brand: Pure Blue Japan
  • Model: xx-007
  • Special features: Blue Weft, Slubby Denim
  • Care: 0 washes.
  • Purchased: Dutil Denim in Vancouver

Wear notes:

Sizing: I had the fortune of being able to go in-store to try them on. I sized more-or-less true, and then the hot soak brought them to “just barely buttonable”.

Stretch: These did NOT stretch much, or i gained weight. Either could be the answer, really. I have a pair of N&F reverse indigos that have already stretched noticeably more than these did.

Notes: The slubby denim is AMAZING! Tons of compliments. The crotch is STILL very tight. I can’t step over things very well, haha.  I’ve been wearing these for 1 year straight, almost daily wear. About 6 months in, the crotch started to show some stress, so I had it reinforced. The pocket with my phone is starting to wear heavily now, and is getting a hole, so I’ve stepped down the frequency of wearing them until I get those fixed. Since people have already asked, this is my wallet, that gave that unique fade on my back pocket.


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