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The ESMOD Sustainable Fashion Graduation Show
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About a month ago I had the pleasure of being invited to ESMOD’s graduation event for their Masters in Sustainable Fashion class. Exported-Blog_bdqr-4563 Students were tasked with creating innovating and elegant solutions to the myriad of unsustainable practices that the fashion world takes part in. Students went as far as to actually work with businesses, and build prototypes of their wares. Their dissertation portfolios outlined business strategies and discussed the ways in which their product or system would change the fashion world for the better. The 1 year program ended in mid-October with a judging panel of industry professionals awarding prizes to those concepts that they felt were most effective, and of course, a fashion show.

Taking place in a the beautiful Kunsthalle in Berlin, the event started as all these types do- drinks and mingling. Guests were invited to peruse the venue, an upstairs section housed the majority of the graduation projects, while a partial mid-second-floor section housed a few more. After the awards were distributed, and each presenter had time to speak, a few of the designers had banded together to put together two shows. The first showcased a RTW line of soft and natural colours- very professionally put together and totally wearable. The second began with a performance by a local singer and troupe of brightly coloured outfits, and ended with a monochromatic line of sexy and cool styles.

This was the first fashion event I have attended as a photographer & writer, so it was a bit hard to keep a track of who did which project, and what each project entailed. The lack of any program or listing makes this more difficult, so all I have are a series of photos that hopefully will speak the 1000 words that I do not have.

Any student from ESMOD who would like to contribute information or captions for any photos showcasing their work, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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