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BeCultured.Ca is the brainchild of a Vancouver-based cultural enthusiast and self-declared media-junkie named Bijan. It is centred around popular and modern culture in Vancouver, with plans to expand and cover the rest of Canada and, possibly, the world. High hopes? Probably. Unrealistic? Unlikely. A social site at heart, is all about showing you, the reader, what’s hot and happening. If you feel there’s a major event that isn’t being covered, feel free to write up your own article! Send it forth, and you may well be featured on the site!

In the future you will definitely be seeing articles by people other than myself, and as much as I know you all love my casual and concise style, I can assure you that the articles that make it will only be of the highest quality rhetoric.

As for this crazy awesome design, the theme is by MaxIsNow – and it’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. In case you haven’t yet, go to the homepage and hit F5 (refresh) a couple times. Pretty neat-o, eh? Hit up Max’s site for more details on what he does, and some of the other awesome themes he has made.


Well, as of now, ‘us’ is only me; Bijan D. The rhyming there was entirely unintentional, although I am a sucker for alliteration (and an even bigger fan of puns). I am a 20-something Communications student living in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, with an interest in Fashion and a lot of friends in the Music industry. is my attempt to create a site that covers fashion, music, food, and popular culture throughout and across the city. Yes, it was originally ‘’, but since my decision to rebrand and expand, was born. Currently the articles are entirely written by me, but due to choosing a brand that can stand on its own, you can all expect a  trend towards high-quality articles written by some of the finest writers in the city.


If you came here to learn about Bijan, you really came to the wrong place. Best to start at his site, where you can learn all the juicy details, as well as get in contact with him.

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