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Before I start this post, I should point out that my travel friend, Alican, and I, are not the best with preparation. I will back this up by mentioning that my previous post has been updated with a little story that I forgot to mention: missing the last bus and trains back from Monaco to […]

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Day One: Nice. Yep, it’s official. For the next few weeks, I will not be able to say or hear the word ‘nice’ without making some pun about the city with a similarly spelled name, located in the French Riviera. As the first stop on our mini-Europe trip, a friend, Alican, and I, flew into […]

I may be currently living in Germany, a country renown around the world for its beer (both in consumption and quantity), but in my humble opinion, no one does it better than the Belgians. Earlier this month, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of visiting the capital the European Union- Brussels- and, well, lets […]

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Germans really like cars. Like, really like cars. Cars are their ‘thing’. Some of the biggest and most prolific car manufacturers in the world are right here in Germany- Daimler Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen. So when our host, Max, and some of his buds offered to take us out for a day trip […]

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Being in Germany means there’s a lot of old stuff. And when I say old, I mean towns, buildings and even graves that are older than the nation I come from. We had the fortune of being given a tour of Marburg, a city in the state of Hesse, roughly in the middle of Germany. […]

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Our time in the small town of Bad Orb, population ~10,000, has been quite interesting. For most anything of importance, you have to leave the town, and travel a minimum of 20 minutes to one of the surrounding, larger, cities. That is, of course, barring a visit to a brewery. Bad Orb has one microbrew, […]

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Two plane rides and 11 hours of travel after leaving Florida, where my parents live, and now Germany is my new home. I’ve moved to Europe semi-permanently to indulge in all the amazing culture. As Germany has a solid economy and is more-or-less central, my girlfriend, Michelle, and I have decided to make this our […]

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Location: Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo & Las Terrenas) Length: 1 week Cuisine: Salty. People: Wonderful. The first thing that I noticed when I got off the plane in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, was the sweltering heat. The second, the blatant disregard for eco-anything: we walked outside the front doors of the […]

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It’s about that time again… The glow of the Summer 2012 lines has begun to fade, and the incredible pieces you saw at Vancouver Fashion Week and Eco Fashion Week has finally drifted from your dreams. This is all to be replaced by the dread of winter, looking forward to bed by 10pm only to […]

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Wow! I just talked to a little birdie and heard some AMAZING things about Vancouver’s home-brewed Eco Fashion Week, which is shaping up to be the hottest thing to explode (renewably!) onto the fashion scene this side of the wetcoast! Keep your ears tuned and your eyes here because yours truly will be giving an […]