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This week I had the privilege to be personally invited to the Blanche Macdonald 2010 Fashion Show, where graduating students could show off their latest designs.The event was held at the Westin Bayshore hotel in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, and managed to fill the large main hall with family, friends, guests, and press. Despite starting a […]

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Talk about a complete 180. Contrary to almost everything I saw at the FMA Fashion Week, the Frock & Roll Fashion show, held at the Bohemia Gallery on Main street, in Vancouver, was glam-less and grounded, but that did not make it a single bit less fascinating, and in fact worked quite well for the […]

Those of you watching my Twitter and Facebook profile probably already know that I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest (with a wicked All Access Pass) at the FMA Fashion Week and Pop Culture Festival hosted at Club 560, put on by FMA Vancouver and Andy Chu of Arc2Intertainment. My ticket in on […]

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We all know that Spring in capitalism means one thing: new stuff. Whether it’s the hottest news in technology you’re after, or the latest trends in Fashion you lust for, you are watching one thing: the movers and shakers of your industry. In Vancouver, we get the pleasure of having some of the hottest and […]